2 responses to “Carl Ollerer SNL ’88 at the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria

  1. Hey Carl, I think we went to grade school together at St. Mary of the Lake in Chicago. You had a brother named Kurt, if I remember correctly. I think in 7th or 8th grade your family moved to a house in Lincolnwood. I remember your father playing the piano. He was an importer and I remember your mom giving me little pieces of European wrapped fruit filled candy. I am also an Alum of DePaul. I got my master’s there.

  2. David, I just saw your comment now. Yes that is right. We lived on Hazel Street. We moved to Norwood Park on the far northwest side after I finished 5th grade. I remember you and your family well. Your sister’s name was Ruth and you had an older brother, I don’t remember his name, and a younger brother Dan if I recall correctly. Curt is my older brother. He is doing well living in Mount Pridoect with his family. I live out in depot hollow now. I always wondered what happened to you.

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