The Making of an Opera Hall

In early March 2020, the DePaul School of Music cut the ribbon on the Sasha and Eugene Jarvis Opera Hall, an extensive revamp of the existing Concert Hall located just south of the new Holtschneider Performance Center on the Lincoln Park Campus.

How did it all come about? Take a look below.

Removal of the existing, first-floor structural slab

First-floor slab removed. Supporting steel used to prop the exterior walls at the basement level.

New structural columns constructed to support a new stage, audience chamber and catwalks above

New first-floor slab decked as reinforcing steel begins to be installed prior to pouring concrete.

Reinforcing steel in place as the new first-floor slab is ready for concrete. The depressed area in the middle is the outline of the orchestra pit.

First-floor slab poured, looking east toward stage. New, round, structural columns showing will support overheard catwalks and stage elements.

Catwalk construction and the framing of the front of stage walls.

Installation of new acoustically rated window systems.

Stage wall drywall installation and acoustic clouds in front of the stage

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