Ride the 5th Wave in Music

Photo by Gordon Daole-Wellman

The rallying cry of the 5th Wave Collective is “She must be heard to be known.” The collective, formed in 2017 by DePaul School of Music alumni Ashley Ertz (MUS CER ’19) and Mika Allison (MUS CER ’17) and now 150 members strong, is dedicated to bringing music written by women to the world.

On October 26, 2019, four members of the collective, Carmen Abelson (MUS CER ’17), Yuan-ju Liu, Roslyn Green and Roxanne Kieme (pictured above, left to right), performed four pieces, including the two represented here: Teresa Carreño’s String Quartet in B minor and Jessie Montgomery’s Source Code.

Teresa Carreño (1853-1917) was a Venezuelan pianist, soprano, composer and conductor. She composed more than 40 works for piano, voice and piano, choir and orchestra, chamber music, as well as several merengues.

Jessie Montgomery (1981- ) was born in New York City. She holds a bachelor’s degree in violin performance from Juilliard , and a master’s degree in composition for film and multimedia from NYU. She has focused her composing on solo, chamber, vocal and orchestral works. Photo by Jiyang Chen

Teresa Carreño’s String Quartet in B minor (1895), I. Allegro

Jessie Montgomery’s Source Code (2013)

Read more about the collective in a Class Notes Spotlight here.

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