Are You Up for the Challenge?

Blue Demon Challenge, Jan 31, 4 Hours, 2,000 donors. visit to earn more. DePaul University

Update: Blue Demon Challenge extended until noon Friday!

Because our clock “froze” last night due to the extreme temperatures, we’ve extended the Blue Demon Challenge until noon today, Friday, Feb. 1! As of 9:30 a.m. we’re only about 200 donors away from reaching our goal! Most of the challenges have been unlocked, but there are still five left, including the final gift from DePaul’s Board of Trustees. If you already gave, THANK YOU. If you haven’t yet, there’s still time. Reach out to your classmates and friends!

It’s the biggest Blue Demon Challenge ever!

The Blue Demon Challenge is a day when alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty and staff come together to give back to DePaul University. Today, your gift of any size will get us one step closer to reaching our goal – 2,000 donors in a single day!

Give from your heart, to your heart

Unlock gifts for the people and places you love the most. There are challenges for every college and school, as well as challenges for specific funds, departments and groups. Receive a scholarship? Give to the scholarship fund so that we can support other students. Have compassion for students facing hardship? Give to the Student Emergency Fund. All you have to do is give and spread the word!

Share your pride with #BlueDemonChallenge

Show your Blue Demon pride by telling the world why you gave and using #BlueDemonChallenge in your post. Your post might appear on the Blue Demon Challenge page or on our social media.

Be a Blue Demon Ambassador

You can make your social media impact even bigger by becoming a Blue Demon ambassador. You’ll receive a custom URL that you can share with classmates, friends and family via email or social media. You’ll be able to see how many donors you recruited and how much they gave. It’s a great feeling, knowing you made a difference!

Watch for the super-secret special challenges

We’ll be adding surprise mini-challenges throughout the day, so keep checking Blue Demon Challenge for new opportunities. Besides, it’s fun to watch the ticker, isn’t it?

Blue Demon Challenge, January 31, 2019

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