A Leader in Lifelong Learning

Photo of Curtis Crawford (MBA ’78, DHL ’99), founder, president and CEO of XCEO Inc.

Curtis Crawford (MBA ’78, DHL ’99), founder, president and CEO of XCEO Inc.

Curtis Crawford (MBA ’78, DHL ’99) is a strong believer in lifelong learning—and he credits DePaul with instilling that belief in him. “One of the experiences that was reinforced while I was at DePaul was the need for continuing personal development,” Crawford says. “In order for my career to evolve the way that it has, in addition to being exceptionally blessed, I had to be highly qualified. Continued learning is something that has no exception.”

As the founder, president and CEO of XCEO Inc., based in Santa Clara, Calif., Crawford works with boards of directors and individual executives and directors to help them learn how to better create work environments that foster high levels of performance. As part of his own development and his dedication to promoting access to education for all, Crawford served on DePaul’s Board of Trustees for more than 15 years.

“What DePaul is providing is access and delivering quality education to all who attend the university, and that’s one of the most important ways of living by Vincentian values,” Crawford says. “I had just a tremendous experience while I was doing my studies at DePaul, and I have been highly impressed with the leadership of the university and how it has been able to transform DePaul into a very powerful institution.”

Crawford recalls the first time he saw the renovated business school facilities. “It was a different kind of environment from when I attended graduate school, and the investment the Trustees supported and the university raised had been applied in a way that made me feel exceptionally proud of what the university has been able to accomplish.”

By donating to multiple scholarships at DePaul, Crawford and his wife, Gina, demonstrate their commitment to education. “Having the opportunity to contribute to a scholarship fund and being able to have a positive impact on the minds of students is something that I connect with strongly. By giving, it reminds me how fortunate I am to be in the position to actually give.

As a proud DePaul alumnus, Crawford would like to see his two grandchildren follow in his footsteps someday. “Who knows?” says Crawford. “Maybe one day they may end up being Blue Demons themselves. Not only would I encourage it, I will try everything I can to influence it.”

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