From College to the MLB

DePaul University/Jeff Carrion

It turns out that working for the Chicago Cubs isn’t all that different from being a student at DePaul. Sure, you’re more likely to run into a celebrity, catch a foul ball and possibly eat more hot dogs, but you’re also part of an organization with deep Chicago roots where collaboration and camaraderie are key. We asked several alumni employed by the Cubs to explore these similarities. Read their other insights on breaking into the industry, living a dream job and celebrating the World Series in the fall issue of DePaul Magazine.

“At the Cubs, I feel like I am part of a community, where we are all working toward something bigger and meaningful. I had the same feelings during my time as a student at DePaul.”
Marisol Widmayer (SNL ’05), coordinator, Total Rewards and HR operations

“During my time at DePaul, I was balancing multiple projects for classes, as well as working multiple jobs. This taught me valuable time management skills that still apply to my job every day. I’m constantly working on multiple projects throughout the year, regardless of whether or not it’s the offseason, spring training, regular season or what every Cubs fan hopes for—the postseason. I have DePaul to thank for my ability to balance the urgency, time and effort across all these endeavors.”
Joel Guth (CDM ’14, MS ’15), systems engineer

“The Cubs front office is very collaborative. This means constantly working with different departments that have different schedules and availability. I recall doing a lot of projects and class presentations at DePaul, when it was always difficult trying to find time for the group to be together. It certainly never gets easier, but I believe the ability to work collaboratively and be adaptive is something I learned through so many of DePaul’s group projects.”
Annie Begalke (BUS ’13), human resources specialist

“Everything you do in college to prepare for a midterm or a final—you take that with you in your career. I always thought it was odd when someone would tell me the habits you form in college will transfer to your work life, but I have learned it is true. I still remember some of the information my professors would tell me when gearing up for a huge project, like the importance of working in teams, communicating with others, time management and the list goes on and on. These are all very important skills to possess when you leave college.”
Dino Stiris (CMN ’05), manager, risk management

“I am challenged at work all the time just like I was at DePaul. The more I am challenged, the more I grow and learn as a professional within my industry. DePaul gave me the tools and resources to start my career, and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to continue to grow my knowledge to further my career aspirations.”
Tom Dambra (CDM ’13), software engineer

“Working for the Cubs is similar to attending DePaul because of the people. I met some amazing classmates and instructors while obtaining my Double Demon degrees—most of them were friendly, intelligent and helpful. My colleagues at the Cubs are very much an extension of that culture. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by bright minds.”
Michael J. Papa (CDM ’03, MS ’15), assistant director, technology infrastructure

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