Photo Gallery: Art in the Residence Halls

As a new academic year gets underway and students settle into on-campus housing, the residents of Clifton-Fullerton Hall may have noticed something special about their hallways. Thanks to a collaboration among the Department of Housing Services, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the Department of Art, Media and Design, a selection of student artwork now adorns Clifton-Fullerton Hall’s interior walls. The inaugural “Art in the Halls” initiative received 50 submissions from students; the four winning pieces are shown below.

“We hope all who live [in Clifton-Fullerton Hall] enjoy, talk about and perhaps even have programming around the art,” says Rick Moreci, director of Housing Services. “We look forward to continuing and expanding this program in the years to come.”

“Hand in Faith,” Katheryn Holmes

“A Tree Falls in the Forest,” Maya Sato

“Cerulean Campus,” Callie Craig

“Firenze, #3,” Francesca Martino

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