Tip Sheet: Career Advice from Alumni

As DePaul alumni follow their dreams, pursue career happiness and overcome challenges, they learn lessons that last a lifetime. These eight alumni offer some of the top tidbits of wisdom they’ve picked up along the way.

On being positive
“You have the ability to make someone’s day fabulous or make it just plain miserable. I take that with me when I go into every meeting or classroom. I have the potential to be their difference maker, so I always try to have a positive impact, as so many have done for me.”
Bridget Amory (EDU ’96)
Director of elementary education, Milford (Del.) School District; adjunct professor, Wilmington University

On self-care
“Many of us are taught to take care of others, and then we wonder why we burn out. Take care of yourself first so that you can be of further service to others. Keep your engine fueled.”
Monika Black (CSH PhD ’12)
Co-founder, TandemSpring; chief strategy officer, DyMynd

On taking risks
“It is important to do what you love, not be afraid to take risks and follow your heart when making important decisions.”
Rosemarie S. Andolino (BUS ’90)
CEO and president, Manchester Airport Group USA


On education
“You will get out of it what you put into it. Through education and hard work, there’s nothing we’re not capable of doing. It’s wonderful to take your education and invest it in our city and our communities so that we can make Chicago the best Chicago it can be.”
LeRoy K. Martin Jr. (LAS ’81)
Presiding judge, Cook County (Ill.) Circuit Court Criminal Division

On managing direct reports
“Developing the skill set to be an effective manager of direct reports can be challenging. There are so many varying philosophies and corporate cultures out there, and you may not have much lead time before you know you’re becoming a manager. My insider’s tip is to check out manager-tools.com. It’s the most inspiring, accessible and effective manager training tool I have found.”
Andrew Ruginis (CDM MS ’06)
Director of technology, Portland (Ore.) Art Museum

On building community
“Communication strategies should build partnerships. I use tactics to position students and parents as key communicators. Allow all voices to be heard via surveys, focus groups, feedback sessions and voting, if appropriate. Pushback from those who feel unheard might lead to project failure.”
Evangeline Semark (CMN MA ’14)
Director of communications and engagement, Evanston (Ill.) Township High School

On perseverance
“[My philosophy] is there’s no magic, it’s just really hard work. You have to be able to get knocked down and get back up.”
Sean Conlon (SNL ’16)
Founder, Conlon & Co.; host, CNBC’s “The Deed: Chicago”

On mentoring
“[Young attorneys are] energizing, fun and professional. Offering a few professional tips can go a long way.”
George Pearce (JD ’79)
Partner, Holland & Knight

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