Inside the Dorm Room

Photo credit: DePaul University/Joel Dik

Think back to your dorm days. Did the essentials in your room include a Sierra Club calendar? A poster of The Rock and some free weights? A clock radio? A copy of “DOS for Dummies”? Today’s students have a whole new style and set of essentials for dorm living. Take a look at Collin and Duncan’s room in Corcoran Hall.

  1. Deodorant | Old Spice Classic
  2. X-Files Poster | Collin’s high school librarian gave him a custom poster of “The X-Files,” featuring the show’s tagline “I want to believe,” as a graduation gift.
  3. Photos | Photos of Collin and his girlfriend
  4. Cords & Wires | Various cords and wires for Collin’s computer and game systems are tucked into the wiring of his bedframe to keep them out of the way until he needs them.
  5. Computer | A laptop for school assignments sits in front of a monitor that’s hooked up to a PlayStation4.
  6. Games & TV | Duncan and Collin use the TV to watch movies or play games on Nintendo 64, Xbox 360 and Sega Dreamcast.

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