Alumna Encourages Emotional Literacy Through Music

Suzanna Nance in the WFMT studio.

Suzanne Nance in Chicago’s 98.7 WFMT studio.

While working at Maine Public Broadcasting Network, 14 Under 40 honoree Suzanne Nance (MM ’05) built a strong following, but she wanted to connect with her listeners on a more personal level. Thus, the audio series “Music that Moves ME” was conceived. Nance travelled the state interviewing individuals about music that made a difference to them. She then set the interviews to music to produce the month-long audio series. “[Music that Moves ME] explores and shares the power and personal significance of music and how we may be influenced by a particular piece of music over the course of our lives,” Nance explains. “It provides a unique opportunity to connect people from all walks of life, crossing generations and communities.”

She served as creator and executive producer of the series that continues to touch many lives despite her leaving the station for Chicago’s WFMT in 2013. “We took music and storytelling—which is a big part of the culture—and started a statewide dialogue about emotions,” Nance enthuses. “I am so proud of this series that encourages reflection, emotional literacy and an exchange about life, music and the human experience.”

A man reminisces about a sailing trip he took in the late 1980s every time he hears Enya’s “Sail Away.”

A young girl reflects on how the song “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music” lifts her spirits.

A man shares the tragic story of losing his brother in the Vietnam War while “The Last Thing on my Mind” by Tom Paxton plays.

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