Making Meaning of Violence

This past spring, the College of Communication hosted an interdisciplinary symposium on contemporary iterations of violence and the work being done to combat this urgent problem. “DePaul Talks: Making Meaning of Violence” brought together students, faculty, staff and members of the public for discussions, presentations and screenings. Graduate students in Instructor Ken Krimstein’s Introduction to Advertising course created this video to promote the symposium.

“DePaul Talks: Making Meaning of Violence” also featured a showcase of student work, including research projects on the violence in AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” as well as a panel on DePaul initiatives to combat violence, such as the creation of “How Long Will I Cry: Voices of Youth Violence,” an anthology and theatre project.

Learn more about a related anti-violence event on women in the prison system.

Talk Logo Edited

Undergraduate students in Krimstein’s “Creativity in Advertising” course designed the logo.


Image via iStockphoto.

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