Looking Back

Students_at_counter_1950s_April blog post

We are seeking information about unlabeled photos in the DePaul Special Collections and Archives. This image of eight students at a counter was taken in the 1950s. Have you seen this image before, and if so, where did you see it? Do you know any of the individuals pictured? Do you know why they were photographed together? Was the photo taken in honor of a special occasion or event?

If you can provide us with any answers, please share them in the comment box below.

One response to “Looking Back

  1. Looks like a sorority photo, circa 1954-55. At least two of the faces look familiar, but I can’t confidently attach names to them. I was on the uptown campus, so at last two of them must also have been uptown, if I am correct about this photo.

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