Christopher Ventresca (THE ’04)

Christopher Ventresca

As principal designer of Ventresca Design LLC, Christopher Ventresca (THE ’04) blends his interests to create spaces that integrate specialized lighting solutions with interior design elements.

No matter what you are lighting, you draw on similar skills and often look to achieve similar goals. I like to use light as a means of creating a unique experience and a sense of place. Right now, we’re working on a hotel lobby where all of the lighting elements work in concert to transition guests from morning to night. For instance, there are skylights that shift between cool and warm white light to help guests perceive a progression of time. If you were lighting for the theatre, you can affect how a scene feels by the position and color of the lighting. It’s all very similar.

Although there are many theories and metrics behind the art of light, everybody’s perception is subjective. We all see light and color a little differently. We are highly influenced by our personal feelings, experiences and opinions about light. Because of this, the words that are used to describe lighting can be tricky. I’ve learned how important it is to find a common language of light with our clients to light a space effectively.

The general public is becoming much more educated about lighting and how it affects their lives. They are going to expect greater quality and control in the spaces where they live and work. We are going to continue to see more efficient, carefully controlled lighting. I value the experience of creating great spaces and collaborating with very imaginative and talented people. It’s nice to have a strong network in my office to keep on top of emerging trends. We learn more on every job.

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