Brian Sodikoff (JD ’03)

Brian Sodikoff_online content

As a partner at the law firm of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Brian Sodikoff (JD ’03) works long hours and frequently travels abroad for his cases. But time with his family is very important to him. Sodikoff shares his strategies for maintaining a balance between work and family life.

The trickiest part about being a lawyer at a larger firm is trying to balance work with other priorities—family, friends and community. Work requires a good deal of time, but fortunately, technology affords us the ability to put in that time anywhere, anytime. I can be home for dinner and hang out with my wife and kids at night, and then take care of any work that needs to be done later in the evening. My wife is also terrific about being flexible around work necessities and emergencies.

When we were younger, we would schedule vacations that coincided with work travel. As we have gotten older and increased the size of our family from two to four, we have not been able to travel together as much. But we still try to spend as much time together as a family as possible. And every once in a while, our schedules align perfectly for a family work trip. Sometimes I can even sneak out of a meeting for a little kiss!

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