Aashish Dalal (CDM MS ’03)

Aashish Dalal

Aashish Dalal (CDM MS ’03), co-founder and CEO of ParkWhiz, knows that it can be hard for entrepreneurs to get out of the business mindset and relax. Here’s his advice on unplugging.

For people who run their own businesses, a lot of times the work is what gets them energized. Having a passion about something else or being able to unplug is without question underrated, especially in the American culture. We don’t do a good job of taking advantage of vacation days, so I’d definitely encourage people to take that break. I try to make sure we take at least one to two family vacations a year.

Another way to recharge is to put your phone away. One thing that I’ve been starting to practice is not having electronic devices in the bedroom. My wife, who is an attorney, and I used to be checking our email right up until bedtime. Now we’re trying to just go to bed and have a good night’s sleep. The emails will always be there waiting for you the next day, so you should cherish that downtime and make sure you get a fresh perspective.

When I’m not thinking about work, I’m a big sports junkie. I grew up Pittsburgh and like anything related to Pittsburgh sports. If they came up with a Pittsburgh billiards professional team, I’d probably follow it. I also love music. Growing up, I played the violin and the saxophone. I’ve been an avid musician since the age of 5, and now I’m starting to spend time with my little ones teaching them music. Every waking moment that I have that I’m not in the business, I’m spending that with my family.

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